Ride with drivers, not robots!


Today is your day! You can request a human driver!

Pick a driver

Find a driver of your choice, to ride together at any time.

Upfront prices

Flexible prices per driver, per car or van or truck, per trip.

Reputation score

This is so last year, now fave, unfave, or block.

No Robocars, But Humans

History has proven again and again that a person who you faved to be your favorite can be your lifesaver especially when you need one to rely upon. Therefore if you need no people in your life that you can rely upon then autonomous, self-driving, driverless cars are your niche. Aw, wait! But what if you get faved by your driver too then a full circle of friendship and respect completes itself. Both of you and the driver, faved each other to produce a healthy working environment for both of you. Isn't it something you deserved after many years of awkward rides in robocars.

Budget Versus Dollars

Your budget does not need to suffer due to each driver having their own rates per base, per mile, per minute. A more granular pricing is required by the rideshare statute that reads: "All independent contractors, such as rideshare drivers, must be able to set their own rates per base, per mile, per minute, per vehicle". GOOD! Let the rates compete with one another to suit your budget, not a robocar price-fixing that kills your budget pretty much daily.

Real person HUMAN drivers are available via HUMAN app only. No robocars apps!



We are looking for HUMAN advocates and champions in your area and will provide a competitive salary!

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