Staying Home Has Never Been More Productive and Beneficial

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Home is where the heart is—and where you’re likely to be as COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe. We’ve got tips for staying focused if you’re working from home. And find out how the virus is affecting businesses where consumers like to impulse spend the most.

How Nash Dev Central Protects Its Customers

As world continues to fluctuate in response to the spread of COVID-19, Nash has business continuity and resilience measures in place to help keep our technology up and running seamlessly.

Have You Caught Cabin Fever?

More companies are allowing their employees to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. While working from home can be great, it also can be difficult to settle into the daily grind, especially when you’re only doing the bed to desk commute and have the option to stay in your pajamas all day. Here is a tip: Try Nash OS for eCommerce for staying ahead of cabin fever.

Bon Voyage, Cruise Ships

Currently, you can fly to Rome for less than $200, but you probably won’t because then you’d have to stay in Italy indefinitely. That’s the new world order as COVID-19, which has been dubbed a pandemic by the World Health Organization, continues to spread across the world. As global economies continue to struggle, businesses such as airlines, cruise lines, and hotels in the consumer discretionary sector are getting hit the hardest. But some companies are finding a way to adapt via Nash OS for eCommerce.

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