ProtoPenny is specifically designed to emulate entertainment shopping industry, and not like others who only do is to clone one another, or even worse to mistake a fun-loving entertainment over a boring office-cubicle-looking design. Demo Link. Buy Link.


————————————-Start of Spotlight Features————————————-
Full-Featured Penny Auction System (bid and / or buy it now)
Auction Methods (Seat, Free)
Auction Formats (Penny, 2cent. 6cent, 10sec, 15sec, 20sec, NailBiter, Beginner, Open)
Buyers can pay with Credit/Debit Cards, Paypal, AlertPay, iKobo, PayFast, MoneyBookers,
Complete Skin Engine (easy-to-redesign your site directly from admin panel)
Complete Help System
Complete Newsletter System
Complete Credit System
Complete User Score System
Complete User Referral/Affiliate System
Complete Invite/Promo Code System
Complete API System to let any sites cross-interface with yours
Tmatics System (a.k.a. BidButlers, AutoBids, AutoBots, etc)
Twitter Integration
RSS Feed
Intelligent Search Engine
AdSense Integration
Linked Partners Page System
SMS Integration (allows bidding by mobile text-messages)
External Linking System
300+ various user and admin toggles for the swift and easy usage and administration
————————————-End of Spotlight Features————————————-

NOTE: this is the only script that runs on less powerful servers as its written from ground up to avoid over-bloating the database tables!
It’s a very compact and lightning-fast script!
No other penny auction script can beat its speed!
Because, they are over-bloated and over-loading data all the time which in turn cannot run on less powerful servers which most people can afford.

————————————-Server and Software Requirements————————————-

1. Linux OS, Apache Server, MySql Database, PHP Language
2. Apache Server 2.2.15 or better
3. PHP 5.2.4 or better
4. Server API Apache 2 Handler (CGI/FCGI is a bad idea!)
5. Latest ImageMagick
6. Latest GD Library
7. Latest EXPAT Library
8. Latest OpenSSL
9. MCRYPT Library (libmcrypt v.2.4 or better)
10. mod_rewrite module loaded
11. Apache Web Server (running on a Windows Server is a bad idea!)
12. Directory: (files/) should be set to 777 chmod
13. Directory: (ia_dump/) should be set to 777 chmod
14. If you want to run credit/debit cards processor then you must have a merchant account with LinkPoint EFT Service (apply now!)

(nothing else unless otherwise instructed at later times)


Here are the screenshots for those who are interested of what’s in the admin panel and how it looks like:


11 thoughts on “ProtoPenny

  1. can i ask how seat auctions work as i have been viewing your script and playing with some fre tenders on some sites and no one i asked seems to know how the seat auctions work as one had a seat auction and when i tried to bid or buy, it would let me so how does one get added to a seat auction?

  2. a seat auction is an auction to reserve a seat in that auction – just like real life auctions require you to purchase/reserve a seat to sit down during bidding process on that auction –

    the benefit of a seat auction is to have only limited number of seats in that auction – as each seat is a most definite potential winner – so if an item offers 100 seats that means only 100 bidders or less will be present during bidding on that item (good for your site users!) – also it is possible for one to purchase majority of seats on the auction or completely all seats in the auction to eliminate majority or all bidders from the bidding process in the auction – so if you buy all the available seats in the auction and the auction will have only one bidder – you! – that would be a benefit for you to not bid against others and get the item for 1 first bid of a penny only! –

    what about a benefit for site admin?

    there is a major one as well: when all seats are sold then the item’s goal price is met before the item even offered for bidding – how is it possible? really simply! – lets say your goal price for an item is 1000 USD and the number of seats is 100 and each costs 10 USD to reserve it by a site user – so you sell all 100 seats times 10 USD and your have 1000 USD before the auction starts – good? you bet! so you wont have to worry whether your items reach goal price or not – whether your items sell or not – whether one bidder reserved all the seats and won an item for 1 penny only with his first bid – your items will be def sold even before the bidding starts – simple but elegant solution against AutoBots issue as we all know it –

    personally, I dont understand why some site admins still have no idea how the seat auctions format can benefit them and ultimately stop abusing the optional AutoBots for good –

    yes we do offer optional AutoBots in the app, but we also offer a better alternative which is ‘Seat Auctions’ format (by the way it is also optional) – you still can protect your investments but without the hassle of autobotting –

    okay! we have discussed what the seat auctions are but how do they work?

    let’s say, you are a bidder and you want to participate in a seat auction, you need to buy a seat or seats – you cannot buy more seats in the auction than the auction offers at the time of your visit of the seat auction. All seats must be reserved before the auction starts. The auction will only begin when all seats are sold, not sooner nor later. Once all seats are sold, all bidders who reserved seats in that auction are notified via email that the auction will begin any time now, so they are welcomed to participate in the auction they have their seats reserved.

    The bidders will be bidding only against those who reserved the seats – not anyone else.

    The bidders will be placing tenders that they need to purchase before they start bidding those tenders.

    The bidders will be paying for the item’s final price when they win the item, unless you mark such item as a free item (free item’s final price wont have to be paid by a winner).

    Lastly, if a bidder buys all the seats in the seat auction then he will have to place 1 bid only in order to win the item, because he reserved all the seats, therefore there is no one else will be able to bid or win in the item – so he will def win the item no matter what – as for site admin, he will be happy enough to accomodate the winner with the won item by shipping it to him as the the goal price has already been met when the bidder reserved all the seats in that auction –

    Thats pretty much it about the seat auctions.

    1. yes – there are 2 different layouts – fun one that you see on the demo site and business one that is for those who dont like fun layout for their penny site –

      also there are 46 skins to choose from in the shop:

      they can be purchased separately one by one or they are included automatically for free with ProtoPenny Ultimate Edition (pls see the comparison chart at the top of this page) –

      Let us know what else you’d like to know –

  3. Say I want to familiarize myself with this hidden gem by renting for at least one month, is it possible to have access to more than one skin? Secondly, if I host with you by the second month, do I have access to my files in the cpanel?

    1. Yes! When you rent you have all of skins entirely available for you to utilize –
      Yes! When you buy (not rent) PTP then you will own its files (some restrictions apply due to terms of PTP license) and you will host them in your cpanel account on your server, or optionally, we offer to open your own cpanel account on our server –


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