Wonder which payment gateway will accept your auction site fees AND accept buyer-to-seller payments?

Wonder no more! Start your own payment gateway and forget the misery of being rejected due to the non-auction sites policies among other infamous payment gateways!

Beat them with the best punch!

Open up your own payment gateway and collect fees not just from auction sales but from payments transfered!

What could be better than to couple the best of both worlds: auction processing and payment processing.

Every promising auction website already has it – now it is your turn!

——————————————Start of Spotlight Features—————————————–
Full-Featured Payment Gateway Facility (send, receive, add, withdraw money)
LinkPoint-based On-line Instant Money Transfer Engine with EFT Processor
Easy-to-translate Language System (all words are in one single language file)
Currently Supports 16 International Currencies
Instant Payment Notification (IPN) System and Support (ready to implement into any Commerce and/or General Website)
Daily Currency Converter
500+ various user and admin toggles for the swift and easy usage and administration
—————————————End of Spotlight Features—————————————–

———————————–Server and Software Requirements———————————-

1. Latest ImageMagick
2. Latest GD Library
3. PHP5.3 or better – compiled with cURL (libcurl v.7.0.2 or better)
4. cURL(libcurl) compiled with SSL support
5. cURL(libcurl) enabled – not just compiled!
6. Latest EXPAT Library
7. Latest OpenSSL
8. MCRYPT Library (libmcrypt v.2.4 or better)
9. Port 1129 opened on your webhost’s firewall
10. Apache Web Server (running on a Windows Server is a bad idea!)
11. Directory (files/) should be set to 777 chmod
12. Must have a merchant account with LinkPoint EFT Service (apply now!)

(nothing else unless otherwise instructed at later times)


Demo Link. Buy Link.


Here are the screenshots for those who are interested of what’s in the members & admin panel and how they look like:



3 thoughts on “ProtoPaygate

  1. Hi,
    Regarding ProtopayGate, can we develop an App (IOS/Android) to access the Protopaygate’s data? I mean, is it possible to develop a API gateway between the Protopaygate and the App?
    Best Regards,

    1. there is already an api that is incorporated into the app by default (as everyone of our apps we developed or develop or will develop carries api oauth hooks) which makes it possible to connect it to any 3rd party app/site – we welcome developers with true skills to expand nash apps to any 3rd party products – please feel free to ask any questions – team nash

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