As you already aware of backlinks bring more pagerank to your site, and the pagerank can list you higher in the search engine and the higher your site in the search engine listings the closer you are to the home-run (aka first page in search) and the home-run brings you more visits to your site and the more visits to your site the higher the chances they turn into actual paying customers – if that is what you want running your site as business or just a hobby then obviously the starting point should be the backlinks pointing to your site – and that’s where the backlinks-to-pagerank ( website comes in – just keep in mind – it is a free service we offer and we do not really focus all our time on it – so it is all automated and runs on its own but it made clear already that it is very useful for more than many who already posted their sites there – you can watch a nice overview of the site we have for you –

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