Weekly: NashCash for your CreditLine

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NashCash CreditLine

Free Money? Yup! You heard that right! And not just once in a blue moon but weekly – different promocode every week!

This week promocode: GET100NOW

Use above promocode to get free 100 cash into your creditline for any nash script, app, software, and/or even custom skins or any custom orders.

The following link takes you directly to where you insert the above promocode.

> > L I N K < <

We Need Your Feedback

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First of all big kudos to all of those who took the survey already and helped with the needed feedback which we guarantee to use to improve our customer service!!

But we still need more people with feedback – the more the merrier – so please read on:

Thanks for using our product(s). We are trying to make them even better by each month.

However we also need your input on our customer service, so we know what we are doing and what we need to do if something needs to be done,

so please spend five minutes responding to a quick survey about it?

Your feedback will inform future user experience decisions and help us deliver customer service appropriately.

The survey asks about your general experience, opinions, and preferences regarding our company.

It only takes five minutes and your response is anonymous.

To take the survey, click the link below:


Thank you in advance for responding to the survey.

If you have additional questions, please comment below or skype at nashauction.

Best Wishes and Business,

Nash Family


BackLinkPageRank.com Overview

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As you already aware of backlinks bring more pagerank to your site, and the pagerank can list you higher in the search engine and the higher your site in the search engine listings the closer you are to the home-run (aka first page in search) and the home-run brings you more visits to your site and the more visits to your site the higher the chances they turn into actual paying customers – if that is what you want running your site as business or just a hobby then obviously the starting point should be the backlinks pointing to your site – and that’s where the backlinks-to-pagerank (BackLinkPageRank.com) website comes in – just keep in mind – it is a free service we offer and we do not really focus all our time on it – so it is all automated and runs on its own but it made clear already that it is very useful for more than many who already posted their sites there – you can watch a nice overview of the site we have for you –

Cron jobs working from cpanel

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How to run a php file from cron job via cpanel?

Stick to following steps:

1. login to your cpanel
2. click cron icon
3. click standard
4. enter your email address for reporting if the cron is failed
5. choose the time what you want
6. enter the command, it depends on your server hosting.

the command should be like this:

curl -s -o /dev/null http://yourdomain.com/your_script.php

if curl is disabled from your hosting service, you can try another way:

lynx -dump http://yourdomain.com/your_script.php

if curl and lynx are disabled from your hosting service, you can try another way:

/usr/bin/wget -O – /home/your_username/public_html/your_script.php


GET http://yourdomain.com/your_script.php

if curl, lynx and wget are disabled from your hosting service, you can try another way:

links http://yourdomain.com/your_script.php

7. save it

if none worked from anything above then you are welcome to host with us – as we have all the above requirements to run cron jobs via cpanel in place already –



How to raise $1,000. It’s easier than you think…

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1. Raise $75 – Ask 3 family members to give $25 each

3. Raise $250 – Ask 10 friends to give $25 each

4. Raise $300 – Ask 15 coworkers to give $20 each

5. Raise $90 – Ask 6 neighbors to give $15 each

6. Raise $125 – Ask 5 local businesses to give $25 each

7. Raise $50 – Ask 5 members of a group, club or organization to which you belong to give $10 each

8. Raise $110 – Ask 5 of your facebook friends to give $22

Grand total: $1,000

Steve Jobs is dead, but the example he set will live forever!!!

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Steve Jobs is dead on Ten-Fiver!

Having said that, I am a Steve-Jobs-Fan for his example of simple living and basic needs on daily basis, unlike many think that the second richest person in the USA would have the most out of his life before he dies, he didn’t.

A paradox that a living ‘demi-god’ as he was for many of you, wasn’t really treating himself like one. Yup! He pitched his merchandise like a persian-in-blood merchant from the 14th century convincing you to buy his merchandise (remember the persians were the most crafty sellers back in ancient times? ) and he always talked the straight line, like he constantly tried to calculate the shortest route between Point-A (aka a seller) and Point-B (aka a buyer), and finally we all know now that he secretly knew his last day that he will be with us until (maybe thats why he was in a hurry with all his awesome gadgetry to make sure we got it before he dies).

And this secret date is finally known to all of us: 10-5-2011 – the ‘ten-fiver’ as it will be memorized among those who praised and cherished the ‘biggest-denominator’ of all recent times – SPJ (Steve Paul Jobs) .

I tip my hat to you, Steve, for being the only good example of a positive stubbornness. You knew you will win the world ahead of the rest, and you ‘ruthlessly’ did win the world! Again, the world is NOT better off without you!!! What people cannot understand in their majority that a good pitcher in any game of pitching is the one that cannot be replaced quickly. There will be many years before a true same replacement will be found. I tried many times to get this point a cross of our customer minds that if Nash stops any development then there will be no true replacement found. There will be alot of fakers claiming they have the 150 or 500 features and mods all toggable and controlled from admin panel – but it will be many years wasted by you before you find any imaginable replacement for 25,000+ features and mods all toggable and controlled from admin panel that Nash got it done already for you to use on your site.

Rest In Peace, Steve! But the example you set will live forever in my heart!

Stay Hungry, Folks! People like Steve J. or Nash B. don’t come your way too often in anyone’s lifetime.