Choose Best Auction Script Software

What Does Your Site Require?

Touching on the point above, the first thing that needs to be determined is your individual needs and what you are looking to accomplish. For instance, do you want a personal website that you can sell your own items or offer other folks to auction out as well? Does it require a social plaform such as a blog, a forum, a chat or all together as well as other additional features? These answers play a major part in determining the auction script best suited for your needs.

Cost Factor

The second factor that needs to be considered is cost. You need to establish a workable budget as the price ranges widely from free to very expensive. Free or cheap auction scripts have the obvious benefit of not having to pay (or paying little) for your site but there are several limitations. In this environment you generally have little to no support as well as a lack of features and security. Furthermore, a free or cheap scripts may litter your site with third-party hacks that normally can conflict with one another. If you plan to start a business online, we strongly recommend staying away from free or cheap scripts in general as well as from those which do not include maximum possible features in core stock. The more a script relies on 3rd-party addons the higher chance to blemish your site credibility thru possible cross-conflict among those addons or mods or hacks or plugins. The work around is to either buy from one source that develops all the mods you will ever need or buy a script that has all the features in stock already by default – yes, you might have more features all-in-one-script than you need but you can always flip their switch on or off from your admin panel as you go.

Server Requirements

As every script has some sort of requirements for a server to be used for the script, it is also possible to use such requirements as a good indicator of whether the script you are about to choose is a tool to make money or a toy to waste your time. The more complete script the more server requirements it needs. It’s valid in 99% of all software. Latest OS requires more CPU cores to accomodate processing demands, or latest web browsers require bigger screens to accomodate film watching or game playing, and etc. The quality of life exponentially grows and demands more from the foundation that it is built for. So if you see some basic requirements for a script that asks you more money than the script with much more server requirements then you will absolutely overpay for that script, because the feature-rich scripts cannot have all its magic without serious server requirements in place. Also 3rd-party mods can introduce server requirements conflicts with the stock software, for example, file or directory permissions set in mods can cause lost of security in stock software.

Reliability and Support

Last but not least, you should look for signs of reliability in a script or mod vendor. If the vendor or moder can’t be relied on at any time literally then all of those attractive features and incredibly low prices will not mean a thing. A reliable programmer will ensure that your site is always 24/7 (including weekends and holidays; day or night) supported by skype and phone first and help desk or emails second. Not the way around! If a software vendor can charge you instantly but has no instant communication offered, this should be a clear sign of a major trouble that can hit the fan pretty much right away. Quality customer live support ties in closely with reliability and is something that should never-ever be overlooked. Look to do business with a company that offers support in various means whether it’s a combination of phone and email or phone and live chat or much better off when all together. As anything could go wrong at any time, you need the reassurance that someone is available 24/7 to address your concerns. If a vendor or modder tells anyone to get a life then next thing you should do is to drop him like it’s hot.

3 thoughts on “Choose Best Auction Script Software

  1. I noticed a lot of soft 404 errors in Google web masters program.

    Which means auctions or classifieds deleted show n/a and therefore should actually show 404 title or 310 title in header

    Also noticed they sell a mod for that, but thats standard ppb6 not YSP

    Do you have a ready to use solution for this available?

    1. to sell a mod for thaaat ? SERIOUSLY ?!?

      a ready solution has been available since the inception of the web!

      the shtml format files –

      just drop 404.shtml file in your YSPC folder on your server and all not-found results will point to 404.shtml file then –

      you can do even better by adding redirect option to your meta tags in shtml file –

      we use such files on our servers for that reason –

      here is a zip file with a variation of 6 different shtml files that address every search engine need –

      NOTE: don’t forget to change the domain name and favicon paths to isolate the files to your site.

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