Stay Calm and Nash On (Another Great Year of Nash)

The end of 2018 is near, thus I wanted to thank you for visiting this blog of mine…

It means a lot to me that you visit the site, use our products and services, and give us a great feedback. I hope it was a good year for you to discover our products and services, and make awesome site or sites. Helping you make great sites and making your job easier is what this site is all about, and I wanted to thank you for joining us and being part of this community. It really means a lot. Thanks!

We have some HUGE things planned for next year. More video tutorials (duh!), hundreds of new features, tools, toggles, options, skins in the works, huge updates for our current products, as well as various apps targeting mobile devices to help you even further with your site assistance, design and overall operation, and of course, all the other fun stuff like short movies, wallpapers, and more music. Here is to another great year! Keep learning and making sites!

Here are a few things that 2018 brought in:

### – amended discount icons to accommodate latest browser requirements
### – amended virtual respect-sticker to accommodate latest browser requirements
### – amended reCAPTCHA to accommodate google’s changes
### – amended mobile app with latest requirements for service network connection, splash screen, and permissions
### – Jquery core and plugins are updated to version 3.3.1
### – Android App (Mobile Demo for NASH OS) can now be installed via Play Store
### – amended SkypeMe with latest enhancements from Skype App
### – added DNS Prefetch feature to load various 3rd party assets faster (in admin > site setup > dns prefetch)
### – eBayCatracker is updated to version 3.0 (accommodates changes from latest version of Nash Operating System)
### – TinyMCE html editor is updated to version 4.9.0
### – added BitPay Payment Gateway Processor
### – amended csv bulk uploader to accommodate messy csv files

As always, have a look at the main feature list for Nash OS, as some of the features from previous years have been expanded this year.

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