Nash OS for Beginners 2016 Tutorial Series | Chapter 1: What is Nash OS?

In chapter one of the Nash OS for Beginners 2016 Foundation Course, we’re going to explore what Nash OS is, and what it’s capable of.

Hello, and welcome to the Nash OS for beginners 2016 foundation course. In this video, we are going to answer the question. What is Nash OS? If you had been looking into building your own website then no doubt you’ve heard about Nash OS. Nash OS is an e-commerce platform as well as a content management system is written in PHP and MySQL. When Nash OS was first released in 2004 as YSP Complete, it was just a simple and straightforward auction platform. Over the years, Nash OS has evolved into a full-fledged e-commerce platform powering e-commerce websites, online auctions, business websites, classifieds, blogs, forums, real estate, just to name a few. Nowadays Nash OS powers more than 3,000 websites and it’s a popular e-commerce platform on the web so if you’re wanting to build a web presence whether it’s an e-commerce website or online classifieds or a website for your business, Nash OS is a very solid choice. The true power over Nash OS comes from its scalability there are over 25,000 features and tools. You can use to customize your website to exactly how you wanted. So to sum up: Nash OS is a powerful e-commerce platform that puts you in control. You can virtually build anything, an online store, classifieds, business websites, the possibilities are endless.

Now that you know a little bit more about Nash OS, let’s talk about the differences between Nash OS editions.

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