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We’re doing to auctions what WordPress did to blogs. is powered by YSPComplete! and ProtoPenny software which are made by Nash and available at

YSPComplete! and ProtoPenny have been incredibly successful and risen from a handful of users to the most-used auction software in its category. However, as easy-to-use as Nash could make the software, there was still a barrier in that it requires a hosting account, a database, FTP, and a whole alphabet soup of acronyms that make normal people like you and me dizzy.

Nash wanted to bring the YSPComplete! and ProtoPenny experiences to a larger audience. So was created, a hosted version of the YSPComplete! and ProtoPenny software where you can start an auction site in minutes without any technical knowledge.

YSPComplete! and ProtoPenny are under the most active development you can find on the market by rolling out updates every month since 2004. New features and services are driven by you so please use YSPComplete! blog and ProtoPenny blog to let Nash know what you want.

Everything on is a paid service, and the price, we currently have, is subject to change without prior notice in the future, but we offer to our “paid and non-susspended” customers (and only to them!) the almost instant and “top-of-the-shelf” professional support 24/7/365 including weekends and holidays, no waiting for mondays during weekends nor next business day during holidays to get a professional on top of your case. How do we pay for everything? is run by NashWorks Productions Inc. (owned by Nash) which currently makes money from YSPComplete!, ProtoPenny, ProtoApps, ProtoPaygate, ProtoRant sales, auction and non-auction custom development services, link exchange services, site insurance services, and hosting services specifically designed to host aforementioned software.


We know there are a lot of places you could put your auction site, and we’d be extra honored if you consider us. If you’re a current user and you dig what we’re doing, the best way you can help us out is to help a friend get set up as well. It also gives you more items for your auction site as YSPComplete! has a nice feature to set up a network of auction sites that are run by you and your friends to exchange items with one another. ;)

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